Death is not always the end but a hiccup in time.  In 1981 my car was struck by a drunk driver. My car was pushed into oncoming traffic and hit again, totaling the car and my life.  My near death experience (NDE) completely altered the way I experience life. I had a new birthday and a gift of knowledge that most people are never graced to receive. Merging this knowledge with my pre-NDE experiences became my life-long journey. Along the way, I have been to many places, met many people and encountered many truths. They range from absurd, surreal, humorous, strange and painfully real.

I have been asked on numerous occasions to share my journey. I always saw myself as a bit macabre and eccentric.  Events like NDE will do that to a person. But countless others have told me I have the right twisted logic and insight to help promote positive change.  As a clinical social worker, I have been gifted to walk beside others on their journey. My soul tells me sitting in an office day by day working one on one with people in need is not enough.  There has to be something more.  Late at night, sitting on the edge of Gettysburg battlefield with a dear friend, trying to grasp the magnitude of the suffering and death around me, it struck – blog it.

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