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Do You Believe in the Supernatural? If You Are a Christian, Your Answer Better Be Yes

Jesus said, Leave all Behind and Follow Me

The definition of Supernatural is: The manifestations or events attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. Another name for supernatural is Paranormal.

(NOTE THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION ON IDEOLOGY VERSE THEOLOGY.  It is not a discourse on scriptural analysis.)

What does the supernatural have to do with Christianity, everything. Without the supernatural there is no God, prayer, miracles, and the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament mean nothing. They are all fairy tales in a reality where there is no such thing as the supernatural.

If this is the case, then why are so many Christians afraid of stating that they believe? It’s like having a big, pink elephant in the middle of the room. You cherish it, care for it and when someone asks you about it, you say, what pink elephant? I don’t believe in pink elephants.  That’s absurd!

I often come across people who claim to have never had an encounter of some kind with a supernatural event. I think this is sad as it tells me; they have never experienced the joy or healing of the spirit of God – the answer to a prayer. I have to wonder why these people pray in the first place if they don’t believe in supernatural events. Why go to church and sing songs, recite stanzas, and listen to someone preach about things that don’t exist?

Yet people do these things every Sunday and still say to me, there is no such thing as the paranormal. Many have judged me, dismissed me or were weary of me because I have no problem standing up and saying, yep, I know there are things out there I can’t fully explain, a reality I only see glimpses of, the God realm.  To me, God is not dead and has never stopped talking or interacting with humans. Isn’t that the Christian way?

There is a difference in the way Protestant and Catholics handle some aspects of dealing with the supernatural. Specifically I am addressing the ideas of hauntings, possessions and poltergeists. The thoughts range from; all of this is demonic trickery, spirits visiting or lost in purgatory, to God’s allowing of souls to return to deliver messages of hope or visions to the living.  Either way, do note, it’s all the supernatural. It all boils down to, God is so far above what we as humans can possibly comprehend, that anything is possible.

Therefore, in order to be a Christian, you have to believe in the supernatural, the unbelievable. (If you need Biblical verification, check below this article. I have put together all the passages I could find in the Bible demonstrating this very cornerstone of the faith.  Change that, it is not the cornerstone, it is the entire building.)

According to U.S. Catholic magazine, belief in the invisible and the visible is necessary and sprits are a part of the tradition. This article entitled, Paranormal activity: Do Catholics believe in ghosts? By Tim Townsend, further states, “Ghosts confirm, rather than refute or disturb Catholic theology of the afterlife.”  This is a quote from Boston philosophy professor Peter Kreeft.

If it makes you feel any better, according to recent polls over half the people in the United States believe in spirits and supernatural events. Those are the people willing to acknowledge the big, pink elephant in the middle of the room.  The others have conversations like,

“Well of course I’m a Christian. Jesus died and was raised from the dead for my sins and salvation.”

Then you do believe in the supernatural?

“No, absolutely not. You don’t really believe in that stuff, do you?”

I sigh.

Why are people hiding their light under a bushel? Is it fear of retribution from society? It can’t be fear from God, because that completely goes against the stance of there is nothing supernatural out there.  You can’t fear what does not exist. You can’t believe a man two thousand years ago died and came back to life if you don’t believe in the supernatural. It’s not rocket science.

The theologian, John Newton is stated as saying, when someone claims to have seen a ghost, “it is highly complex… I certainly see no good reason, all other factors being equal; to deny that someone who claims to have seen a ghost has not had a genuine experience of some sort. The question then is what sort of experience has occurred.” (from the article of Tim Townsend in U.S. Catholic)

Should Christians denounce and run from supernatural occurrences? If we did, there would be no more revivals, no being born again, no faith healing, no answers to prayers, no angels visiting, no visions or dreams from the almighty, no concepts of heaven or hell, no worries about demons, nothing to draw our attention toward the unknown, the magnificent yet unseen forces at work, no light of God in any form. In fact, if we ran, if we denied, are we like Peter and the rooster that crowed three times?

Stating a belief in the supernatural does not mean you understand what mechanisms are at work or the meaning behind such events. People have been arguing, fighting, maiming and committing horrible atrocities on each other over such questions.  This group separates from that group and dogmas and doctrines are written. Each schism pushes the family of God further apart.

Do you believe in the supernatural? It’s that simple. Can we agree to disagree on the language used and philosophical bent pertaining to a society of ants trying to comprehend the nature of the shoe coming down upon us? If you really think about the fact that God created all and has the ability to form so perfectly the laws of nature, DNA, molecules, why would any of us be so arrogant as to assume we know the reasons why? We are not that dissimilar to the ant.

Do you believe in the supernatural? Can you grasp that the chair you are sitting in is nothing more than a complex array of billions of tiny atoms moving so fast you see them as a chair? Science can talk to us on the nature of a chair. What it can’t do, is take us back to the very essence of belief. Something started it all and that something is beyond their ability to understand in the laws of nature – it’s supernatural.

Bible references:

There is an unseen entity, all knowing, all seeing who created all of reality, seen and unseen (God)

  1. Enoch did not die, but ascended to be with God, Genesis 5:19-24
  2. Noah’s flood, Genesis 7:9-12, 17-24
  3. Judgment of the Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:1, 5-9
  4. God speaks to Abraham
  5. Sarah’s conception of Isaac, Genesis 21: 1-8
  6. Angels blind the Sodomites Genesis 19:9-11
  7. Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis 19: 15-29
  8. Lot’s wife turns to salt, Genesis 19:24-26
  9. Moses speaks to a burning bush and claims he is talking to God, Genesis 3:1-15
  10. Ten plagues of Egypt Genesis 7-13
  11. A pillar cloud led the Israelites by day and a fire by night Genesis 13: 21-22
  12. Parting of the Red Sea, Genesis 14: 21-29
  13. Manna from heaven, Genesis 16-17
  14. Moses speaks climbs Mt. Sinai and God gives him the Hebrew letters and the laws of God, Genesis 19-20
  15. Miriam is made leprous and is healed, Numbers 12:10-15
  16. Aaron’s rod blossoms, Numbers 17:8
  17. People are healed by looking at a brass serpent ,Numbers 21:6-9
  18. Balaam’s donkey speaks ,Numbers 22:21-35
  19. The Jordan river divides like the Red Sea Joshua 3:14-17
  20. The Arc of the Covenant and the fall of Jericho Joshua 6
  21.  Angels appear, Judges 2:1-5, 3:8-11, 6:11-24
  22. Gideon’s fleece, Judges 6:11-40
  23. The story of Sampson ,Judges 14 -16
  24. The ghost of Samuel appears from the dead 1 Samuel 28:15-20
  25. Elijah is fed by ravens, 1 Kings 17:2-6
  26. Elijah raises a widow’s son from the dead ,1 Kings 17:17-24
  27. Elijah prays for rain and God sends it, 1 Kings 18:41-46
  28. Elijah parts  the Jordan river, 2 Kings 2:13-14
  29. Elijah raises a child from the dead, 2 Kings 4: 32-37
  30.  Elijah heals many, 2 Kings 4
  31. Elijah feeds hundreds with 20 loaves of bread and 20 ears of corn, 2 Kings 4:42-44
  32. Elijah does not die, but is carried off to heaven in a chariot of fire,  2 Kings 6
  33. Isaiah has visions,   Isaiah 1-6
  34. Jonah story, Jonah 1-4
  35.  Warnings to not contact the dead ,1 Samuel 28:3-20; 2 Chronicles 10:13, 14; Isaiah 8:19-22


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  76. Apparition of Jesus to  500 people, and James  Acts 15:6-7
  77. Paul has a vision of heaven   2 Corinthians  12:1-6
  78. The entire book of Revelations


Reference:  Do Catholics believe in ghosts by Tim Townsend